So the U13A’s took on the league winners last night Basingstoke, and they are a very good side who play the game in the right spirit.
Will give the result – we lost, and afterwards the boys in the bar cheered that we have lost again. But I and the parents really enjoyed the game last night and we have shown development all through the season which is how we have used the indoor league this year. We could have done similar to a local club and played our A team in the B league and won that, how that can develop their team is their business. Outdoors we have Ben Westwood and Aidan Lai to bring into the A’s who have played and developed this winter. We also had Matthew Glanville who made his debut for the A’s last night and showed what a promising player he is becoming. Luke Gudge and Scott Heard are vying for the keepers spot, and with Joseph Annette to come back into the team I can’t see a stronger team in the league.

To last night’s game. Had a change around with the batting order and opened with Danny Barden and Wills Redhead, both were instructed to move their feet and try nothing stupid, Danny particularly impressed, as he hit some cover drives superbly sadly only for 1 but outdoors these could have been 4’s, he hit the ball that hard. Wills to begin with was more contained and happy to hit the gaps and run 3’s. We ran our first 3 off the 7th ball !!!!!! and this continued throughout the innings from all the players.
Danny had reached 17 and pulled a shot into the netting Wills set off like a man possessed leaving Danny with no chance (we may return to this), this brought Josh Mynard into bat and the 3’s continued when Josh was on 8 he hit a gap and Wills set off like a man possessed leaving Josh no chance (we may return to this), in came Elliot Thorogood and after a couple of sighters he went after the bowling he pulled the ball to midwicket and the Basingstoke fielder nearly pulled a great catch but I think it was more self preservation about him getting his hand to the ball.
Next ball Elliot comes down the track to the spinner but picks out mid-on who wasn’t going to drop that chance. Elliot’s dismissal was disappointing as there was a massive gap to run 3’s but he was looking for the big shots – he was out for 2. Saying that, Elliot is still the only batsman moving his stance either back or forward to change the bowlers length.
This brought Scott into bat and again like he’s done all year look comfortable when he gets forward to the ball, a couple of times he went back and across to the ball and missed it completely, Wills having been quietly accumulating his runs decided now was the time to hit out, and it was, he retired having reached 20. This brought Matthew into bat with a couple of over’s left and straight away he looked comfortable. To me the running between Scott and Matthew summed up how we have developed as a team. Scott hit the ball to mid-wicket hitting the wall, looking for a run which wasn’t there they said “No” Matthew backing up had to turn around, the fielder had a shay at the stumps missed and hit the opposite wall, in the meantime Scott called Matthew through and we run a 2, so we scored 4 runs from a 1.
So to the last over with three wickets in hand, Matthew missed one that went through to the keeper and while they were appealing Scott sneak through for a run, sadly Matthew was ran-out for 5, this brought Wills back in with 3 balls to go, Scott hit the wall and Wills set off like a man possessed for 3 runs, they hatched a plan to run everything so with 2 balls to go Wills hit the wall, and Scott set off like a man possessed only for Wills to say No, leaving Scott in the middle of the wicket he was run out for 10’ish. Last ball Wills hits the wall and we ran a 3, Wills not out 24. Cove made a good 97-5 off 12 over’s a really good effort by all boys.
I’ve made a joke of Wills running in the above, but as we pointed to the boys outdoors there’s NO netting and with the positive calling and running we are going to post some very large scores.
On to the bowling, and again we have made huge strides.
Elliot opened the bowling and with a dodgy no ball call from the Basingstoke Umpire they managed 7 runs. Josh opened with Elliot and bowled a nice tight line. Danny replaced Elliot and proved what a quality spinner he is developing into and bowled his three over’s conceding no extras. Matthew replaced Josh and looking a little nervous conceded a few extras, but switching to round wicket from the 5th ball nearly got a wicket as the Basingstoke bat came out to the ball and missed it. Scott who was standing up to the wicket went hard at the ball, didn’t take it cleanly and missed the stumping. Wills replaced Matthew and he bowled a good line and length. We were always behind the run-rate required when batting and Basingstoke duly won with a couple over’s to spare, but similar to the batting we only bowled 3 no balls which earlier in the season we could have bowled 3 in an over.

Boys I can’t say this enough, we have a talented and a very strong team who could challenge for the title, but really it’s down to you. You need to turn up and play and be switched on from the first delivery to the last. Backing each other, supporting and enjoying each other’s success as much as your own. If you do you will be a difficult team to beat.

– Gary Thorogood